Telephone Teller

The credit union offers an audio response teller (ART) 24-hours a day, seven days a week. ART can give you account information such as share and loan balances, amount and date of your last transaction, loan due dates, and payroll information. ART is a FREE service and is ready and waiting to serve you. Call ART at 800-204-6855 and follow the simple menu to access your account. 

Follow these steps to sign up for access to the audio response system:  

  1. After the credit union welcome message, the system asks you to select a language option. Press the appropriate key on your phone to select a language option. The system then offers the Select Main Menu options.
  1. To sign up for audio response, press the 2 key on your phone.
  1. When the system asks you to press 1 to sign up for audio response, press the 1 key on your phone.
  1. At the “Enter your member number followed by the # key” prompt, enter your member number using the keys on your phone. After entering your member number, press the # key on your phone.
  1. At the “Enter the last four digits of your Social Security number” prompt, enter the last four digits of the Social Security number of the Primary member on the account.
  1. At the “Enter your new password” prompt, enter a password (4 digits).
  1. At the “Re-enter your password for verification” prompt, re-enter your password.

You should now hear the following message:

“Your audio response access has been activated.” The system will ask you to enter your member number followed by the #key and your password. The system then takes you to the Member Main menu, where you can access the system immediately.
Typical call to check account information for Share Draft account

  • Call Phone Banking (1-800-204-6855)
  • Welcome Message
  • Select language
  • At the Main Menu (Press 1 for Member)
  • Login using your member number and password
  • Member Main Menu (Press 1 for Account Information)
  • Press 1 for Shares, then Press 1 for Share Drafts
  • Select Share Draft account from list (if you have more than 1 share draft account)
  • Listen to account balance information and last transaction
  • Press 1 to list recent transactions
  • Press 2 to list recent electronic transactions (Press # to list more transactions)
  • Press 3 to list recent checks
  • Press 9 to hang up


  • If you have more than one account of a selected type, the system will automatically list all accounts in order for you to select one.
  • When entering amounts and numbers, press # after entering the amount or number. Always include the cents, the system will automatically insert the decimal point before the last two digits.
  • At any time:  Press 9 to hang up;  Press * to back up to the previous menu.