Share Draft Account
Tailored to fit member needs, our draft/checking accounts are not complicated by per check charges, transaction limits, and transaction fees.  We even issue Visa Check/Debit cards with these accounts without yearly fees.

Overdraft Protection
To guard against costly fees and the loss of check acceptance, members can choose from several overdraft protection options.

Automatic Transfer
If there are insufficient funds in draft/checking, an automatic transfer is made from a designated share/savings account.  Automatic transfers are only done in $100 increments. However, there are transfer limitations.  No more than 6 automatic, Telephone, electronic or Internet transfers can be made in a month.

Overdraft Loan
Members can apply for a line of credit loan.  If there are insufficient funds in the draft/checking account the loan is activated up to an approved credit limit.  Interest is charged on the amount of   credit used for the number of days the loan is outstanding. The interest rate for an unsecured overdraft line of credit is 14.5%.  The minimum monthly payment is $50 and is due on the 28th day of each month. The balance can be paid in full at any time. There is no yearly maintenance fee for this loan.

Direct Deposit
Direct deposit is the free, safe, and convenient way to deposit Government, Social Security, pension, and many employer paychecks. Funds may be deposited directly into your savings or checking account. Signing up for this service is as easy as filling out a form with your credit union, and specifying the account into which you want your check deposited.